In this episode I go through the most disgusting of all the preps that are found in my two non-fiction prepping books, Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, and Dirt Cheap Valuable Survival Retreat.  And boy, is this episode disgusting!  Rated “R” for Revolting!

Below are some helpful links for this episode:

Travel bidet with carrying case, for $10 on Amazon.  Much better to stock up on these than trying to stockpile toilet paper.

Here is a link to a pair of (post-childbirth) mentrual cups for $16, including  carrying case.  (The pre-child-birth size is at the link here.)  These are so popular with women, it might be a good idea to use them before any emergency makes tampons unavailable.

Shop rags for $10 on Amazon.  A good last resort for many uses.

Skin fungus cream with a unit cost almost as cheap as what I just bought at Walmart.

Here is the link to a website of a company that sells and delivers pretty basic porta-potties for as low as $700.  They have a ton of options, including a dump valve and a trailer.  Shipping is offered.  This company may or may not work for you, but it is a great place to start.

Rid-X is great treatment for septic tanks.  Be a supporter of culture!

Snake-Catcher for $30 sold on Amazon.  These things are great.  I saw one in action and it was very impressive.

Here is a round-head shovel sold on amazon for $29, which is more than you would pay for a similar shovel at your local hardware store or Home Depot.  But this shovel is very well-made, and an extra-long handle will enable you to chop at a poisonous snake from a longer distance.

Equate brand anti-diarrheal pills.  These would be great to stock up on — very helpful if you eat some bad food.

Equate brand laxative pills.  Same here.

Here is a link to the cheapest odorless garlic pills on Amazon.  $8 for 250 softgels.

I can’t say I have tried these, but here is a link to some IntestinePro pills that might work to cleanse your stomach of parasites.  $25 on Amazon for 30 servings.  Those who have used these pills are very happy with them.

As I wrote in my book, snakes will often get tangled up in bird netting that is put on the ground.  That would make it easier for you to catch and dispatch any unwanted snakes.


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