Flooding can be a very serious SHTF event.  In this case, there was no order to evacuate, even flood-prone areas.  And the catastrophic flooding that was predicted in southeast Texas was ignored by so many there.  Why was that?  I have a theory.

I did not discuss any items that would help you prepare for flooding, but if I did, I would have discussed these items:

For storing clean water that can be drunk when all the power and water are shut off:

Inexpensive Emergency Water Storage

For getting stuck in a submerged car (keep one of these in your glove compartment):

Car Safety Hammer

For making good food without power:

Mountain House Just In Case Emergency Food

Kelly Kettle (don’t use this inside the house)

Or you could always store a case of some real MREs. They’re pretty tasty nowadays:

Meals-Ready-To-Eat, Case of 12 Genuine US Military Surplus

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