In this episode, I discuss bee-keeping, how fun it is and how great the honey tastes when it comes from your own hive.

Bees cross-pollinate and make most plants grow like crazy, and the honey produced helps with seasonal allergies and is a natural antibiotic.

Here is an incredible NOVA episode on the internal workings of a bee hive. There is some amazing camera work here, including placing a microscopic camera on the back of a flying bee!

Here is another great but short video of the internal workings of a bee-hive.

Here is a link to the Natural Apiary USA store at Amazon. It looks to have everything you need to get started in bee-keeping. Don’t get cheap with your suits and gloves! This one, Foxhound Bee Company, is also good.

Here is a link to some great 8-ounce plastic bottles that I recently bought at Amazon to hold honey from our hive. These bottles can hold your honey and become part of your preps, or you can give one of these bottles with your honey in it as a gift. They are not dishwasher safe, so wash them by hand.

The Flowhive bee hive that I discussed can be found at the website Flowhives make harvesting honey very easy. Check out this video here on how easy it is to harvest honey from a Flowhive!

Another great supplier of bee-keeping equipment is at the website is another good website on bee-keeping.

I also like this website, which is a very complete website that has all the equipment you would ever need to begin bee-keeping. This website also sells books and videos, it has a blog and even has in-person classes (in North Carolina). You can also go there to order live bees and queens. 

I also briefly discussed honey and bee-keeping in my non-fiction book on prepping, Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping.


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