Episode 47 – Blacklisting Returns

Did you support President Trump’s re-election? Are you a conservative or a Christian? You may soon be blacklisted because the cancel culture is out there, de-platforming, doxing, physically threatening and ending the careers of people just like you. All in the name of public safety. No one dares call it blacklisting, but that’s what it is.

It goes way beyond closing the Twitter and Facebook accounts of President Trump and those who worked for him. Whole social media websites, like Parler and Gab, which freely allow conservative content, are being shut down. One woman was recently fired for even having Parler and Gab accounts.

Without a hint of shame, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez (“AOC”) proposed the “Trump Accountability Project,” in which former Trump officials will be “held accountable” for their work with President Trump. Forbes Magazine, and the Lincoln Project have also gotten into the act.

The businesses of private citizens who supported President Trump are in the cross-hairs. One business, Taking Cara Babies, has had its customers harassed and is the subject of a boycott, simply because the founder was one of the 74 million Trump voters in 2020. Mike Lindell’s company, My Pillow, is also undergoing the same blacklisting because of his personal support of President Trump.

PBS’ Principal Counsel was recently recorded saying out loud what many establishment liberals privately think: that children of Trump supporters should be taken away and put into re-education camps. This sounds a lot like the Soviet gulag system under Joseph Stalin, documentaries of which are shown all the time on PBS. Maybe this attorney should watch one.

It gets worse. The Congress is now considering an anti-terrorism bill that Former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard predicts would someday enable the government to persecute Christians, conservatives and libertarians.

We may be entering an era when free-thinking people will need to keep their heads down, limit their Internet posts and keep their political opinions to themselves. And plan your preps accordingly.

At the end of the podcast, I referred to the work of historian John Glubb, who has shown that most great empires have a lifespan of 250 years. With its 245 year birthday up this summer, the United States may soon be coming to an end. Let’s hope not, but we should all be prepared, just in case.  


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