Episode 39 – What Has Worked

Since our country has been shut down and everyone told to stay home and go broke, some (but not all) of my family’s preps have worked out. In this episode I go over the preps that have worked.

First, I visit our chicken coup. Our chickens have continued to lay eggs, and we have not needed to buy any from the grocery stores. Have you ever considered setting up a chicken coup? It is easier than you might think, it produces great eggs, and it’s fun!

Next, I go to our survival retreat and walk through one of our two shipping containers that is filled with MREs, freeze-dried food (mostly Mountain House) and various supplies. If you have the means, I strongly suggest you buy a survival retreat, get a shipping container and fill it up with food and supplies. I discussed what supplies you need and how to find property to buy and where and how to get a shipping container in my two books, Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, and Dirt Cheap Valuable Survival Retreat.

I am not a doctor and I have not had any medical training, but at the end of this episode I lament  how some treatments that look to be effective in treating Covid-19 have become political issues. No one seemed to care about them until President Trump suggested that anyone infected with this virus ask their doctor about them.

PJ Media has a great roundup of the controversy here. Here is a link to a great interview of one of the doctors who used this regimen to treat his Covid-19 patients. Here is the link to a video of another doctor discussing this regimen. A French doctor discusses his success hereHere and here are great testimonies from people who had the virus but were cured by use of these pills. Here is an interesting video of a man whose Covid-19 symptoms were so bad that he called his friends to say goodbye. One of his friends suggested he ask his doctor about hydroxychloroquine, which he did, and after taking the drug saw his symptoms vanish. 

If you feel that you are infected with Covid-19, talk with a doctor before deciding to begin or end any medication, including those discussed in these videos.

This controversy reminded me of the DDT controversy from days gone by: politics stands in the way of protecting people, and deaths may result. Here is a great book on that subject.  

Here are some useful links:

McMurray Hatchery: this website has all you need to know about chicken coups. It even sells chickens, which can be shipped to you! Also, check out their blog.  

Here is the link to the great egg incubator I discussed. It costs $150, and kids love watching the eggs hatch.

Amazon sells the gamma seal lids here for $15. These things are great and they fit the 5-gallon buckets that can be bought at most hardware stores.

Here is a link to a pouch of Mountain House freeze-fried spaghetti that costs only $10. Just try it out! Open the envelope, remove the oxygen sensor, pour in some hot water, let it sit for 15 minutes, then eat it. You will see what I mean. This food has a shelf-life of 35 years, and it’s tasty!


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