Episode 53 – Nukes, Radiation, And Burns

A much-ignored explosion at an Iranian nuclear site last December may have heralded Iran’s entrance into the world’s nuclear club. Iran has been enriching uranium for years, and it may finally have developed nuclear bombs. I believe this is the case, and Iran is probably making smaller nuclear bombs like what was exploded in early December. Small nuclear bombs can be hiked in backpacks into enemy countries and detonated.

This was all hypothesized in my book EMP NYC, and it looks as if it may be coming true.

A small (2 kiloton) nuclear bomb can be used to do all kinds of damage, like destroying bridges, buildings, and stadiums full of people. But a few miles away, people are not so threatened, as was shown in this test by Army volunteers who, in 1957, stood 3 miles beneath a 2 kiloton nuclear explosion. If they had had any electronics with them, the electronics would have been fried by an EMP, but they were not physically harmed.

Still, despite the media blackout on the explosion in Iran, it is time to stock up on radiation pills, radiation detection equipment, and items that can help in case of skin burns.

Here are some great pills to have on hand in case you are downwind of a nuclear explosion, in danger of getting exposed to radioactive fallout. Right now these pills are cheap and plentiful. Dosage info comes with the pills.

A dosimeter is important to measure your accumulated radiation. Here is the link to a combination dosimeter / geiger counter, but at $130 it is a bit pricey. Here is the link to a less-expensive credit-card size dosimeter that you can keep in your wallet.

Burns also accompany nuclear explosions, and I spent some time in the podcast discussing the usefulness of aloe vera plants and coconut oil.

Here is the link to an indoor aloe vera plant, available on Amazon for only $5. (Some states may not allow you to order these.) Aloe vera plants are great to have around to treat burns. Back in the old days these plants were kept in kitchens, to use for cooking burns.

Coconut oil is great to have around, not only to treat burns and moisturize skin, but also to use as an oil and butter substitute in cooking.  I mentioned some great deals on coconut oil that I found at Walmart and Costco, but here is a pretty good deal I found on coconut oil at Amazon.




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