Episode 12 – School Shooting Rants And Ideas

After some ranting and emoting about the recent shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, I offer some suggestions on how to better combat school shootings in the future.

I suggest more armed teachers.  After Newtown in 2012, some schools have allowed teachers to be trained and armed, and there have been no reports of problems.  In the school districts where this has been tried (see news reports here and here), parents and students have generally been supportive.

I also propose metal detectors at the entrance to schools.  Teachers should also have the option to carry pepper spray or taser guns.  Fire extinguishers at school should also be ubiquitous, and can actually be used against a shooter to temporarily disable the shooter.  Schools should also have occasional “aggressive shooter drills,” above and beyond the standard shooter drills (see videos here, here, and here), in which students are trained to swarm and fight any suspected school shooter.

Some items discussed in this episode:

Taser Gun

Pepper Spray by Sabre with key ring.  $10 each (Not legal in all jurisdictions)

Fire Extinguisher

Wasp Spray

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