Episode 36 – Assorted Rants

In this least-prepping-oriented episode of this prepping podcast, I let loose with a few rants that have been building up for a while. The Trump impeachment gets a hearty disapproval, Jack Wilson gets a hearty “atta boy” for his excellent head-shot under pressure, which saved the lives of many church-goers at West Freeway Church of Christ outside of Fort Worth, Texas, on December 29, and the Soleimani killing gets an enthusiastic two thumbs way up, not only from me but from a human rights activist and a Congressman.

As an aside, President Trump figured that some of the money given to Iran by the Obama administration paid for some of the missiles and armaments that were sent back to us, but his accusation came a few years after Secretary of State John Kerry predicted the same thing.

I was just getting started! Greta, whose last name will go unmentioned, came up for some well-deserved criticism. I did not mention coal, but here is a great video on the benefits of all fossil fuels. 

I ended the episode in discussing a harsh “lesson learned” courtesy of my out-of-date Amazon Wishlist.  Hopefully, future Christmases will have fewer indignities now that all Neil Diamond videos are scrubbed from said list.  


PS: Here is a great blog — check it out.


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