Episode 28 – In The Rabbit Hole Farewell

For many years, Aaron Frankel produced an excellent prepper podcast named In The Rabbit Hole (ITRH), where his listeners felt safe and sound while learning valuable survival skills and absorbing Aaron’s good humor and survivalist comradery.  Then, on March 20, 2019, Aaron “ripped the bandaid off quickly” and published his WTF episode, in which he announced that while current podcast episodes will indefinitely remain on his website and iTunes, he will no longer produce new ITRH episodes after episode 300 (sometime in June).

In this episode of Survival In Motion, I caught up with Aaron, pouted about his exit from content-production at In The Rabbit Hole, and thanked him for his excellent podcasts through the years. Aaron spoke of some lesson learned at ITRH, like the importance of preparing for the smaller, less-glamorous setbacks (echoed on ITRH episode 297), keeping it simple with guns (as he emphasized in ITRH episode 296), and keeping politics in perspective when anticipating the end of the world.  Aaron also confirmed what everyone suspected, which was that his most-influential ITRH guest — by far — was yours truly.

Although the closing music was maudlin, I hope not to end this podcast on a sad note, but to impart some encouragement to this talented producer of survivalist content.  I encourage Aaron to return to the prepping world in some way, and I encourage everyone else to check out In The Rabbit Hole’s YouTube page, and any other content Aaron might produce in the future (which will be announced here).

And speaking of surviving more everyday disasters, I share a couple that I recently experienced and how I survived them.  The first had to do with emptying your survival retreat of extra junk that might be helpfully dropped off by friends (see chapter 28 of my book, Dirt Cheap Valuable Survival Retreat), using antibiotic ointment to heal cuts faster, and staying up to date with your tetanus shot.

Another everyday disaster I recently experienced was a road rage incident, in which I fortuitously scared off the possible assailant by pointing my iPhone at him and giving the impression I was videotaping.  If it was needed, I also had on hand a can of pepper spray, specifically a Sabre small container of pepper spray, which I bought on Amazon for $10 each (buy this only if it is legal in your jurisdiction).  Sadly, I was not called to use the pepper spray on the loathsome road rager.


Here’s some big news: my book, entitled EMP: The End Of The Grid As We Know It, will be free in e-book format on June 6 – 11, 2019, on Amazon.


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Episode 7 – Car Console EDC

Every car or truck driver needs to have certain items right nearby, to use in case of emergency or just a simple inquiry.  In this episode I describe my decision to add a couple items to my Car Console Everyday Carry (EDC).

Some products discussed in this episode:

Leatherman Multitool and Nylon Carrying Case.  Expensive.

CREE LE Small Flashlights with 140 lumens and handy strap.  2 for $11 and change

Sabre small container of pepper spray with key ring.  $10 each (Buy this only if it is legal in your jurisdiction)

8 Eneloop Rechargeable AAA Batteries

8 Eneloop Rechargeable AA Batteries

LaCrosse Home Battery Charger

Car Safety Hammer With Seatbelt Slicer


ABC News did a great report on escaping from a submerged car:



Special thanks to Steve’s World (www.youtube.com/user/Steverd99), who provided the laugh track dubbed in after the punchline of my joke (not that the laugh track was needed, but still…).


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