Episode 54 – Here Comes 2023

Are we really going to make it to 2023?  Soon we will know for sure. 2022 was a difficult year, but some things that began in 2022 look like they will continue and get even worse in 2023. In this episode I concentrate on the negative developments all around.

The economy: thanks to a Federal Reserve determined to end inflation, interest rates have shot up and will stifle economic growth, maybe even to the point of deflation. This would solve one problem with an even worse problem. For this reason I encourage our listeners to consider side hustles, as can be found on the Internet here, here, here, and here. If none of these strike your fancy, just look around the websites Fiverr.com and Upwork.com and see if you can get paid for offering a service that you are good at.

The property market: this is getting a haircut, which means that prices of raw land are going down even more. Consider getting a survival retreat, because vacant lots are getting cheaper. And remember, EVERYTHING is negotiable. The longer a property is on the market, the more willing the seller should be in reducing the price, offering incentives like owner-financing, or a combination. And don’t forget to buy my book on the subject here.

Physical attacks on the American electrical grid: the 2013 attack on the grid outside San Jose was bad enough, but now we are seeing more. Steven Hayward speculates that the eco crowd might be behind the attacks.

Peaceful transfer of political power: it sets a bad precedent when a new president tries to throw the out-going president in jail, but the current administration is charging ahead on this. A leftist in The Atlantic grasps the significance of this issue but still comes to the wrong conclusion.

I finished this episode discussing my wife’s recent illness and hospital stay, and how friends have offered to help, and how I recommend people “just do it” when helping people in my situation. After finishing this podcast, I found a well-written piece that has similar thoughts.


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