Episode 52 – Loose Ends

Issues covered in this episode include the Rittenhouse verdict, the evolution of crypto currencies, the importance of second passports, and the lameness of COVID vaccines and booster shots. Then I cover some new gripes, like the Waukesha parade attack that was perpetrated by a long-time criminal who was repeatedly given breaks by a soft-on-crime prosecutor, and the new (and final?) James Bond movie, a victim of political correctness.

And, speaking of the Waukesha Parade Attack, we need to pray not only for those injured in the attack, but also for the families of those who died. We also need to pray for the mental state of the First Responders and Good Samaritans who reportedly were in the middle of the carnage. PTSD of those who were there is probably rampant.

Police officers with PTSD can reach out for counseling by going to the websites policeptsd.com and copsalive.com/do-you-have-ptsd/.  Author Allen Kates wrote a great book on the subject, entitled Copshock. First Responders who suspect they have PTSD can get help by going to the websites healingourown.org and ptsdunited.com.    



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