Episode 8 – Surprise Visit From Santa

I started this episode alone, reading The Night Before Christmas.  Then I got an unexpected visit from the one and only, Santa Prepper!

Some products discussed in this episode:

Nighttime Rifle Scope

Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Supply

Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping

Coconut Juice

Mainstay Emergency Food Bars

And, while I’m at it …

Amazon Gift Cards


Recent books sold by the preppers I mentioned at the end of this episode:

Land Of Promise by James Wesley Rawles

Prepping On A Budget by K. Owen

The Long Sunday, by Dr. Peter Pry

Home Invasion by Angery American

Seven Step Survival Plan, by David Kobler and Mark Goodwin

The Seventh Vial, by Mark Goodwin

Point Of No Return, by A.R. Shaw

Erebus, by Steven Bird


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