Episode 9 – Surviving An Active Shooter Situation

These horrible events are becoming common enough that people need to know what to do if they are caught in the middle of one.  In this episode I discuss ideas that will increase your chances of surviving an active shooter situation.


Here is an excellent article on the subject:

What To Do In An Active Shooter Situation, By Brett and Kate McKay, Art of Manliness, November 30, 2015


Do good guys with guns really stop mass shootings?  Of course they do.  Here are a few confirming articles:

20 Times Bad Guys Were Stopped by Armed Citizens in 2016, by AWR Hawkins, Breitbart, December 29, 2016

Do Citizens (Not Police Officers) With Guns Ever Stop Mass Shootings?, by Eugene Volokh, The Washington Post, October 3, 2015

11 Times A Good Guy With A Gun Stopped A Bad Guy, Saving Lives, by Washington Times, 2017

Want To Stop Mass Shootings? Let’s Get More Guns In The Right Hands, by David Kopel and Joseph Greenlee, The Hill, June 18, 2017

Compiling Cases Where Concealed Handgun Permit Holders Have Stopped Mass Public Shootings And Other Mass Attacks, by Crime Prevention Research Center, September 20, 2016


Some books referred to in this episode:

EMP: The End Of The Grid As We Know It, by Cal Wilson

On Killing, by Dave Grossman

The War On Guns, by John R. Lott

More Guns, Less Crime, 3rd Edition, by John R. Lott

The War On Cops, by Heather MacDonald


Also check …





Here is the In The Rabbit Hole podcast I referred to:

Episode 113: James Price of Death Valley Magazine


Here are some great gun podcasts:

Handgun World Podcast

God And Guns Podcast

Modern Self Protection


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