Episode 50 – Expat Prepping

It might sound far-fetched, but what if things get really bad in the US and we aren’t allowed to leave? At that point, you will wish you had a second passport.

History is filled with examples of dangerous situations in different countries, where whole populations of people were threatened or killed, and the only survival option for those people was to leave the country. The Jews in Germany from the 1920’s to the mid-1940’s were only one of many examples. The time to prepare for evacuating to survive is before it is too late.

In this episode of the Survival In Motion podcast, I discuss and provide examples of the various migration options for Americans who want a “Plan B” for them and their families if staying in the US starts looking unsafe, and survival looks more promising in other countries.

And not all of the options are expensive. Many times it is possible to get a dual citizenship in another country by descent (or ancestry), and this is something you can apply for yourself. Other citizenship options include: citizenship by investment, citizenship by naturalization, and citizenship by marriage. Sometimes only a long-term or permanent visa in another country might work or be better for your situation.

Of course, not every option will work for you and your family, but this episode is meant to whet your appetite to do further research and get an appropriate expat option ready for you and your family while you still can.  

Here are some great videos I refer to in this episode:

Rev. Voddie Baucham on how everyone in America is being accused of being racist

Robert Kiyosaki and Stansbury re Escape Plan

Robert Kiyosaki at Nomad Capitalist Event re Leaving USA With 3 days Notice

The Low Cost Of Living In Malaysia

What $100 Gets You in Vietnam

Cost Of Living In Republic of Georgia

Moving To Bangkok


Great Online Video Channels (some offer great services):

Nomad Capitalist.com (excellent and worthy of binge-watching)

Offshore Citizen.net

Citizenship Quickly

Our Rich Journey

Snail Travelers (Emphasis is on Malaysia)

How To Expat (Emphasis is on Central and South America)

Cale McMartin (Focus on Colombia)

Panama Relocation Tours (this channel will make you want to retire ASAP in Panama!)

My PI Dream 

Live And Invest Overseas

Two Expats Mexico

Tangerine Travels (I liked the videos on rip-offs in Mexico)

Skerry Harry (very professionally-made videos on expat issues)

Expats Everywhere

Doug Casey’s Take

The Single Dad Nomad

Drew Binsky (a 20-something world traveler; worthy of binge-watching)

Tales From The Road (another great travel video channel; worthy of binge-watching)

Traveling With Kristin (advice from and for digital nomads)


Loz’s Leisure (a great travel channel)


Other Good Expat Services:







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