Episode 41 – Anarchy Ensues

The last several weeks have seen total anarchy in the streets of many big cities in the United States, following the death of an African-American, George Floyd, at the hands of his arresting police officers in Milwaukee May 25, 2020. In the weeks that followed, Floyd’s death has become a distant memory, replaced by restless 20-somethings bent on destroying statues and businesses, and threatening and attacking any innocent pedestrians or motorists nearby. God only knows where this will all end.

In this episode I discuss the stupidest idea I have ever seen adapted on a mass scale, that of eliminating police forces, and how it will endanger minority neighborhoods while the wealthy and well-connected remain protected by their own private security. In a way, this is already taking place in Milwaukee, where the city council has voted to eliminate the police for the rest of the city, but, citing death threats, has kept publicly-funded security forces for themselves. What if a regular citizen needs protection? Tough luck. Expect to see more and more of this. I guess some people are just more equal than others.

I also discuss some ideas on how to avoid dangerous mobs, and I suggest setting up some rules on when a motorist should be allowed to drive through an angry mob to protect his or her life. This is becoming more and more of an issue in America today, as angry mobs stream into streets and highways, block traffic, and attack cars and people. (For a history lesson on why this is important, check out this disturbing video of the innocent trucker, Reginald Denny, attacked by a mob blocking a street, during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992.)

Here is the link of the armed mob in Lansing, Michigan, threatening motorists and telling them to leave, One can only hope that in a few days the police, who were nearby watching this, will issue felony arrest warrants for the felonious protesters.

Here is a news video of a protester in Alamosa, Colorado, who shot the driver of a truck who slowed down, then tried to drive very slowly though a crowd of protesters standing in the street. The driver is now on life support, and his family set up a Go Fund Me at this link here not only to pay his medical expenses but also to support his daughter. I encourage you to donate.

Here is a link to some great pepper spray, available on Amazon. (Only buy this if it is legal in your area.)

Here is a link to a great self-defense item (actually it is called a “multi-tool hatchet”) sold on Amazon.  

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