Can our country survive the political violence that is so prevalent today? That seems to be the question we face as we get closer to the November 6 midterm elections, and violence is usurping political dialogue.  Every day the news is filled with riots, mobs, assaults, beatings, powder mailings, threats of violence, and on and on.

Sure, both sides are to blame. But from what I see, Democrats and their supporters are responsible for about 99% of the violence.

In this episode I discuss the violence that threatens Americans, and the political leaders who implicitly encourage it. I also have a suggestion as to what average Americans can do to put an end to the political violence, so that we can live in peace.

Here are some links for donations:

National Republican Congressional Committee

National Republican Senatorial Committee

Christian Coalition


At one point I discussed the YouTube channel of SouthernPrepper1, which is at this link here. His wife needs prayer as she continues to heal from her surgery.

At another point in this episode, I discuss the podcast Radio Free Redoubt, manned by John Jacob Schmidt. That podcast is found at this link here.

The essay by Sir John Glubb that I discussed, entitled “The Fate Of Empires,” can be found here, and was discussed at Radio Free Redoubt podcast here and here.


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