Behold the humble cache tube — something that you fill up with important stuff and bury somewhere, hoping that someday you can dig it up and use the contents to survive. If the world comes to an end, you will be glad you have a few of these around.

In this episode I discuss how to put one together and what you might want to put inside it before burying it.

A lot of this information can be found in the Containers chapter of my book Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, or in chapter 18 of my book Dirt Cheap Valuable Survival Retreat.

I recommend the material ABS to put together a cache tube. I recently paid almost $55 at my local Lowe’s for the parts for this cache tube. Here is what I bought:

A 2-foot long, 4-inch diameter ABS tube (but you can make a cache tube 8 feet or longer if you want);

All-purpose cement (really glue in a can that can be used for PVC or ABS tubes);

A 4-inch diameter ABS cap;

A 4-inch diameter ABS female adaptor;

A 4-inch diameter ABS plug (to screw into the threaded end of the female adaptor);

Common plumber’s tape;

Any size nuts, 100 or more, that you can throw around in your yard or flower bed or wherever you bury this thing. That way, any smartalec who shows up with a metal detector, trying to find anything you might have buried, will spend a lot of time digging up nuts, then get frustrated and leave in a huff.  I would recommend against using longer mechanical screws, wood screws, or nails for this.

A cache tube is not just for burying. You can put one of these into a car fender, a tree, a piece of furniture, under the floor or inside the wall of your house (but watch the 1950 Jimmy Durante movie, A Christmas Wish, as a cautionary tale about hiding anything inside your house wall).

Here are some possible contents to put inside your cache tube before you bury it:

Freezer baggies (pint size)

Berkey Sport Filtered Water Bottle

Travel Bidet


Gerber Multi-tool

Junk silver coins (for this I have been a satisfied customer of at JM Bullion)

Disassembled guns and ammo

Wells Lamont Work Gloves

Extra Clothes

Menstrual Cup (tampon replacement)

Flashlight (Dorcy, weatherproof)

Eneloop AA Batteries

Goal Zero solar battery charger

Battery Tester

Medication (your prescription meds + OTC meds like Benadryl, aspirin and Immodium AD)

Anti-skin-fungus lotion

An extra set of your glasses in a hard case

Electrolyte drink mix

Camping Blanket

Mountain House food pouches

Long spork

550 Paracord

Rain Poncho


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