I had a wide-ranging conversation on unusual preps with prepper author Ron Foster.  Foster has published 62 prepping books (!), including his latest, Old Farts Survival Guide. This is a great book on prepping skills, and despite the $25 pricetag, it is well worth it and should be included in every serious prepper’s library. This book is also something you could leave on your living room coffee table, and because of the number of photos and diagrams in it, many of your family members will thumb through the book and quickly learn some prepping skills.

Here are the links to other topics we discussed:

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Some other books by author Ron Foster: Smoking SkilletPrepper’s Road March, The Longest Walk, The Solitary Man’s Refuge, ARk Storm, Bug Out Boat Survival


News Report on The Near-Miss CME That Occurred in 2012

A.R. Shaw’s books, some of which concern the Maunder Minimum

Books By Mark Goodwin

The Forgotten Man, A New History of the Great Depression, by Amity Shlaes. This book makes the case that FDR’s New Deal actually prolonged the Great Depression


My books:

EMP: The End Of The Grid As We Know It

Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, and

Dirt Cheap Valuable Survival Retreat


Woven Paracord Men’s Belt Sold On Amazon

Rain Poncho on Amazon. I bought one of these and I love it.


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