What will you do when the power grid goes down? It might be time to prepare to go off-grid, or just stay on grid and reduce your electricity bill.

Author Angery American, who spent 20 years as an industrial electrician before becoming an author, joins us and describes some tips and tricks to installing an off-grid power system, or economically staying on the electrical grid.

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A lot of what we discuss in this podcast can be found in chapter 23 of my book, Dirt Cheap Valuable Survival Retreat. In that book I have a TON of references to off-grid power suppliers and sources of education.

Here are some links to other things discussed in this episode:

The Donna Reed Show. This television show was my idea. Refer to Survival In Motion’s Christmas 2018 podcast

Honda 2kw Portable Generator. These things are great and usually go for around $1,000. Start it like a lawn mower.

Honda 3kw Generator. These things are also great, a little more powerful than the portable 2kw Honda generators, and they come with their own internal battery, so they can start like a car.

Wheel Kit For The Honda 3kw Generator. The 3kw generator weighs 150 pounds, so this wheel kit will make it more portable

Canadian Solar

The Inverter Store

The Solar Biz. This is my favorite supplier and educator. They will make sure you know what you are doing to go off-grid

Backwoods Solar. This is a great supplier and they will help educate you. Lots of articles and personal help.

Real Goods. A good supplier and educator

Amazon sells an impressive 24-volt battery bank at this link here. It might be a good place to start looking.

Scott Hunt (“Engineer 775”)’s website and consulting business is here

Scott Hunt (“Engineer 775”)’s YouTube channel is here. Extremely educational

Scott Hunt’s book (The Practical Prepper’s Complete Guide To Disaster Preparedness) is here. This book should be included in every prepper’s library.

Charlie’s Requiem Retribution (Book 4) by Walt Browning

An Old Fart’s Survival Guide, by Ron Foster

Beano Anti-Flatulence Pills. “Take Beano Before And There’ll Be No Gas.” It just seems appropriate to refer to these pills when also referring to a book written for Old Farts.


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