I know this might be hard to believe, but I was working on an episode of the Survival In Motion podcast when I got struck by lightning, and I was sent back in time into a Christmas movie from 1946. I accidentally sent George Bailey running off the wrong way on the bridge and hilarity ensued. Will I be able to undo all the damage before SHTF?

I eventually convey the important prepper lesson that if you ever go back in time, you need to clean up your mess, so that you don’t mess things up in the present.  For example, if you go back in time and make some changes that aren’t corrected, your parents might never meet and you will not be born, or a few Republicans in 2016 will stay home and someone else will be elected president.

Of course, there is no rule against traveling back in time and gathering some collectible coins and rare dollar bills, then returning to 2018 and selling them all on Ebay.

Join the fun in this episode, and Merry Christmas!

Oh, and the “Alrighty then!” joke is a reference to the movie Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

Instead of being sent into this movie by a strike of lightning, it might be better to just watch it on DVD:

It’s A Wonderful Life



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