In this episode I discuss two developing themes that are relevant to preppers in 2020: the end of prepper complacency, and the continued advancement of the “cancel culture,” which seeks to silence any opposing voices or opinions. The rationale of silencing dissenting opinions is that it is only safe, protects people, and keeps the peace. If you have not yet experienced it, it will come your way soon, so be prepared.

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Stay tuned for a third installment of this “All At Once” post-apocalyptic book series, which will probably be released towards the end of 2020.

And, speaking of books, check out Ray Fair’s book on predicting presidential elections. According to Professor Fair’s analysis, if the after-tax, after-inflation income of the average American voter increases beyond a certain point, the candidate of the incumbent party will win the presidential election. Professor Fair’s formula has a margin of error, so it is not guaranteed, but under his formula, President Trump will win re-election handily. Fair has a great track record for his prediction. The link to Professor Fair’s website is here and the link to his book is here.  



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