We all know that the Antifa / BLM protesters and murderers out there are mostly peaceful. That’s a given. The only question is how these rioters can keep their protesting and murdering — and their burning, looting, vandalizing, traffic-blocking, and all their other violent crimes mostly peaceful as well.

In this sarcasm-filled episode, I give advice to these mostly peaceful protesters and murderers on several situations they continually face, like where to commit their mostly peaceful crimes, whether to grant an Internet interview while on the lam, and what to do if confronted by police officers who want to arrest them.

We truly live in an upside-down world, where “silence is violence,” and a District Attorney is the rioters’ best friend. “No justice, no peace” means that some suspected injustice somewhere far away means that the mob might come to victimize you. The suburbs might be next.

Craziness reigns in Minneapolis, where the city council defunds the police, then a few weeks later, wonders why crime has gotten so bad. Go figure. 

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