What will you do when a violent mob comes for you, your business or loved ones? Recent mob attacks have taken place in departments stores, gas stations, outdoor restaurants, car dealerships, furniture stores, as well as the usual, police stations and courthouses. Police are ordered to “stand down” while innocent people get attacked, in public or even in their homes.

And no person or town is immune. If the mob has not attacked people in your town, it may be just a matter of time.

It will certainly help to know the ingredients that make a group of people so evil that they commit acts of violence against people they don’t even know.  In this episode I discuss the ingredients that have been found to be present when mobs turn violent. Knowing these elements might help you react to a mob attack.

Here, here and here are links to videos that help explain the psychology involved in mob violence. I don’t like the references to Christianity and Trump, but I believe these videos are still very educational. Here is a video of Steven Crowder discussing the issue of mobs with Dr. Jordan Peterson.


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