I this episode I discuss my previous post-apocalyptic book, entitled EMP: The End Of The Grid As We Know It, available at Amazon at this link here, and the sequel to it, which is coming out soon.  I discuss some of the challenges I had in writing both books, including not making an end of the world book too graphic.

Then I include a reading of parts of the sequel book, which will be released late summer or early fall.  The setting in the part of the book included in this reading is this: it has been three days since the EMP attack on New York City, and the protagonist, David, has decided to stay in town and help out (I advise against this, BTW).  David works for the New York City Office of Emergency Management, and he is working on clearing the stalled cars from the Brooklyn Bridge so that food can be brought in from Long Island to feed the people of Manhattan.

At the end of the reading of part of the sequel book, I have an announcement about something I will be giving away soon, available for a limited time.

Anyone can “follow” me on Amazon at this link here, and that way you will be updated by Amazon whenever I have a new book sold on Amazon.

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