Occasionally I volunteer to give a sermon at our local nursing home, and included here is a recording of the the sermon I gave last July.  The themes of Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day and July 4 are all wrapped into this episode.

Your Christian faith, and what happens to you after you die, are legitimate prepper issues.  Serious preppers should listen to this episode, and take seriously the issue of faith.

There were some serious moments in this talk, but also a few jokes and a happy audience.  There was even a good story I found of George Washington praying during the American Revolutionary War.

There are no Amazon links to any products, but below are some useful links for further investigation into this most important topic (I like these pastors).  You can also find a good local church from these links:

Greg Laurie:


John Piper:


Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:


Voddie Baucham


Ravi Zacharias



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