This was a great conversation I had with doctor and dystopian author, Walt Browning.  Browning has been a doctor in Florida for over 30 years, and has authored several post-apocalyptic books entitled the Charlie’s Requiem series, and a military adventure book, entitled The Book of Frank.  In this conversation, Browning and I discuss many topics, including antibiotics, ways to stop bleeding, dehydration, PTSD, Islamic terror, diseases, first aid kits, dogs, and guns.  We even discuss medical and dental tourism.

Check out Browning’s books on Amazon here, along with the books of his occasional co-authors and collaborators, Angery American and Nicholas Sansbury Smith.

During this interview, Browning and I refer to the following items / websites / books:

The Best Years Of Our Lives DVD.  This is one of Hollywood’s earlier attempts at discussing “shell shock,” now known as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

Books for dog lovers: Racing In The Rain, and A Dog’s Purpose books

EMP: The End Of The Grid As We Know It book

Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping book

Amazon 300-Piece First Aid Kit with cool carrying case for only $25!

Compression Bandages

Gauze With Clotting Agent

Trauma Kits: basic / intermediate / maybe too much but if you are totally serious about this stuff

Tourniquet With Holster

Facing Darkness DVD.  This is a gripping documentary about the Franklin Graham Ministry’s attempt to take on the Ebola outbreak in west Africa in 2014

Skinny Medic website (  This looks great.  The website has useful medical stuff for sale and has links to some very helpful YouTube videos

The 15:17 To Paris DVD: this is a great movie, not only because it shows a terrorist getting his butt kicked, but the movie also shows how USAF Airman Spencer Stone stops the bleeding of someone on the Paris-bound train who had been shot in the neck.  This disc also shows actual news footage of Spencer and his friends being awarded medals during their vacation to France.

Where There Is No Doctor book (updated in 2015)

Watch for Browning’s new book releases, and the re-release of “Lost Valley” book, which was an Amazon Kindle World book until Amazon discontinued the Kindle World program.


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